Evan Riley/ November 11, 2022/ BMW X3 for Sale

What does the BMW name mean to you? For many, BMW is synonymous with luxury, with its lineup offering premium materials and designs that exude opulence and sophistication. These traits and BMW’s signature driving dynamics characterize every BMW X3 for sale on our lot, especially the 2023 model that adds to the classic BMW experience. What do we mean?

The 2023 BMW X3 is the pinnacle of luxury. The popular SUV delivers cutting-edge technology, top-quality materials, and a host of conveniences that make your time in the driver’s seat incredibly enjoyable. How does the X3 accomplish such an incredible feat? How does it live up to its promise to be everything drivers imagine and more? There’s only one proper way to find out, which requires diving deep into the many features that make the X3 a worldwide phenomenon.

1 – Premium Seating

The 2023 BMW X3 rolls off the production line with standard Sport Seats that are remarkably plush and form-fitting, molding to your body to optimize your posture and reduce fatigue in the driver’s seat. BMW ups the ante and lets you update the standard seating to its new generation of perforated SensaTec upholstery. The upholstery reflects the X3’s rugged capability and is easy to clean but adds luxury with its natural feel and unique aesthetic.

Moving behind the upholstery, BMW improves the X3’s front seat design. The SUV comes standard with electronically-adjustable memory sport seats with enhanced side bolsters. The new design adds to the X3’s sporty appearance and offers improved support when pushing the SUV to its limits around hairpin curves and winding back roads where your comfort matters just as much as the engine’s heartbeat.

2 – Panoramic Views

Nothing exudes luxury more than an expansive and spacious cabin. BMW recognizes as much and equips the X3 with a panoramic glass roof that provides uninhibited views of the sky. These views are remarkable and work with the BMW’s rear window roller sunblinds that give you more control over how much light enters the cabin. These features ensure everyone, including your passengers, can enjoy the view.

The panoramic moonroof is shown in a 2023 BMW X3.

3 – Expansive Digital Displays

The X3’s cabin redefines modern luxury with its digital cockpit that puts vital information within reach or view. For example, the 12.3-inch Central Information Display is a stunning and innovative portal into the X3’s iDrive 7 Operating System. Fully customizable, you can tailor the display to meet your style needs as you seamlessly integrate your smartphone, navigate the fastest and most efficient route, or take advantage of the X3’s integrated WiFi hotspot.

4 – Meet Your Personal Assistant

The X3 has no shortage of cutting-edge technology, especially considering it comes with a virtual assistant. The SUV comes standard with BMW’s Intelligent Personal Assistant that constantly improves with every interaction, learning your preferences and needs as you drive. Beyond syncing your smartphone via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, you can use the assistant to navigate the fastest route, send messages, set calendar reminders, make calls, and more with a quick “Hey BMW” to get its attention. Even more impressive is that the assistant can recognize who’s speaking, whether the command comes from you or your copilot. This next-level intelligence means your copilot can use a voice command to adjust the cabin temperature, and the assistant will change the air on the appropriate side.

5 – Sophisticated Details

The X3’s elegance embodies BMW’s keen attention to detail and its success at carefully considering even the most minor aspects of the SUV’s design. This is apparent in the model-specific emblems and new cupholder on the center console, just as it’s visible in the matte black finished surfaces. In addition, the BMW Controller rotary knob boasts a galvanized rhombic design and complements the galvanic embellishments around the air vents and the controls on the doors. Even the steering wheel is luxurious with its leather finish and subtle stitching that reflects BMW’s fine craftsmanship.

6 – Ambience for All

Opening the door of your SUV to find harsh lighting is a thing of the past in the 2023 X3, courtesy of new ambient lighting functions. BMW’s Ambient Light system makes the X3 unique because it enhances the SUV’s sophisticated aesthetic. Now, you have more control over the lighting and can select between six colors and brightness levels. At night, the system is truly breathtaking and makes the center display seem like it’s floating above the instrument panel for an ethereal experience.

7 – An Engaging Drive

BMW’s remarkable attention to detail gives the X3 a significant advantage in the luxury SUV segment, but where does that leave its performance? While many automakers struggle to deliver luxury and performance, BMW excels. The 2023 X3 boasts a two-engine lineup, starting with the standard 2.0L inline four-cylinder engine that produces 248 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque for exceptional handling at any speed. The X3’s capability reaches new heights with the M40i, which is powered by a 3.0L inline-six engine that delivers 382 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque for a dynamic and engaging experience behind the wheel.

The tan leather seats are shown from the driver side in a 2023 BMW X3.

8 – A Luxurious Ride

The BMW X3 delivers plenty of power, but its high-quality suspension guarantees this power doesn’t dramatically impact the SUV’s ride quality. This relationship is mutually exclusive for many SUVs; however, BMW has resolved the issue by outfitting the X3 with a specifically matched suspension that gives the SUV agility and a smooth ride. How does it work?

The X3’s Servotronic power steering system makes the X3 agile to maneuver, while the available adaptive suspension constantly adjusts to the terrain to optimize handling, stability, and ride comfort in any condition. These components are also enhanced by the X3’s segment-leading drag coefficient, which reduces air resistance to minimize road noise in the cabin and improves efficiency, maneuverability, and ride quality.

9 – Keep an Eye on Your Ride

Peace of mind is integral to the BMW experience and is the inspiration behind features like the My BMW App. With this app on your smartphone, information about your X3 and its condition is never out of reach. For example, you can use the app to remotely lock and unlock the doors, remotely start the engine, or check the SUV’s status. You can even use the tool to monitor diagnostics, like oil and fuel levels, making routine maintenance incredibly convenient.

10 – A Virtual Spotter to Ensure You Enjoy the Ride

BMW gives you every reason to have confidence in the driver’s seat by outfitting the X3 with an impressive suite of standard safety and driver-assist features that let you genuinely enjoy the luxury the X3 offers. This technology includes tools like Active Blind Spot Detection, Lane Departure Warning, and Front Collision Warning with City Collision Mitigation. These features keep an eye on the front, rear, and sides of the X3 to actively minimize the potential for collision. By alerting you to hazards, you have more time to respond and avoid an accident, keeping the X3 in pristine condition for many miles ahead.

What Does Luxury Mean to You?

The 2023 BMW X3 exudes opulence, from its bold exterior design to its lavish interior laden with premium details, quality materials, and innovative technology. These characteristics and the X3’s precision-crafted engines give the SUV a distinct advantage in the segment, making it both luxurious and incredibly fun and engaging to drive. It’s a win-win for drivers, especially those with a penchant for the finer things in life.