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The sport utility vehicle, or SUV, niche has become increasingly popular over the years. Automobile manufacturers have become laser-focused on strategically keeping up with consumer demand and developing models that keep them competitive in the market. BMW introduced its first SUV—or SAV, for sports activity vehicle, according to the company—in the late 1990s. The manufacturer has continually provided its loyal customers with a vehicle that satisfies the feel of durability and ruggedness that comes with owning an SUV while upholding the BMW brand’s standard of luxury and high performance.

The company’s ability to remain competitive and relevant in this vehicle niche is substantiated by its profit margins. In fact, once again, the company saw an increase in profits in 2017 due to the global supply of and demand for its SUVs. It is evident BMW’s loyal consumer base is increasing. Continuing its legacy, BMW’s 2018 SUV lineup includes six models—ranging from the BMW X1 to the BMW X6, with variations available for each model—that are sure to please consumers. Let’s look at a few reasons why BMW’s line of SUVs lives up to the company’s moniker of “The Ultimate Driving Machine.”


High Performance

If you have a need for speed and power, look no further than a BMW SUV. Depending on the model selected, drivers will experience an engine output of 228 (lower-end, smaller model) to 445 (higher-end, largest model) horsepower. During testing, the vehicle accelerated from 0 to 60 mph in roughly 6.3 seconds. Additionally, BMW SUVs also offer the signature eight-speed Steptronic Automatic Transmission. Simply put, this transmission provides drivers with the feel of a manual transmission but the ease of movement that comes with the automatic version. This transmission offers a smooth, quiet gear-shifting process, even at high speeds. Overall, the transmission provides an efficient balance between acceleration and fuel consumption.

BMW SUVs (X1, X3, X4, X5, and X6) have two main drive systems available. The sDrive is an all-wheel-drive system, while the xDrive is a rear-wheel drive system. The available drive systems ensure the SUV can successfully navigate a variety of situations and surfaces. No matter where you travel, you can rest assured you’re going to have a great ride.


Stylish and Luxurious

No BMW model would be complete without excelling as an industry standard of style and luxury. The BMW fleet of X-series SUVs is impressive, living up to these high standards.

The interior and exterior of the vehicle can be customized from a palette of at least ten colors. Multizone climate control ensures passengers are consistently comfortable, regardless of their seating positions. In addition to comfortable temperature, passengers can also enjoy clean air courtesy of the interior air filtration system.

BMW also offers consumers the ability to select from several upholstery options, including leather and its state-of-the-art SensaTec upholstery. SensaTec is a synthetic leather product that is not made with any animal materials. It is a high-quality alternative to animal hide that provides consumers with upholstery that is less expensive, lower maintenance, and more durable while providing the look and comfort of leather.

And, if you’re concerned about those winter drives, you don’t have to worry. BMW offers heated front seats as well as a heated steering wheel.

These are only a handful of features BMW offers to ensure its consumers travel in style and comfort. BMW owners not only have access to a multitude of additional standard features but at purchase, owners can select from a variety of feature packages to take their style to an even higher level. The BMW of Cincinnati sales team would be happy to provide a more in-depth review of available options.


Enhanced Safety

No matter what their other priorities, consumers are always interested in their potential vehicle’s safety—both for themselves and their passengers. BMW takes safety seriously when it comes to its SUVs, incorporating innovative features throughout the vehicle. For BMW and its customers, safety is automatically incorporated in the total package BMW SUVs offer.

The LED headlights with cornering lights enable drivers to not only see what is directly in front of them but also to see people or objects on both sides of the vehicle. Automatic emergency braking provides drivers with assistance in case braking is necessary and the drivers are not able to make a timely decision. AEB provides peace of mind for BMW drivers and other drivers around them. Additionally, for families, BMW offers a number of child safety features, including child-seat anchors and rear-door child safety locks. As the owner of a BMW SUV, you can rest assured that your vehicle was designed with safety as its utmost priority.


Introducing the X2 model

BMW introduced the X2 model to its SUV lineup in 2018, positioned between the X1 and X3 models. For the most part, the X2 is quite similar in body style and features to its X1 predecessor. However, there are a few features that provide a slight difference. Unlike the other BMW SUVs, the X2 offers a front-wheel drivetrain, which is available on the sDrive28i model. Also, the X2’s overall body is slightly smaller than the X1. Though smaller in size, this newest BMW SUV offers the same standard and optional features its SUV counterparts offer. The ability to further customize from a several package upgrades is also available for the X2.



BMW SUVs prove you can have your cake and eat it too when you want a high-performing, luxury SUV. Five BMW SUVs ranked within the top 15 of U.S. News and World Report’s rankings for either luxury compact, luxury subcompact, or luxury midsize vehicles. In fact, the X1 (luxury subcompact), X3 (luxury compact), and X5 (luxury midsize) ranked within the top five.  When taking the SUV market into consideration, those rankings are an incredible feat for a car manufacturer to accomplish. These speak to BMW’s commitment to quality, safety, and innovation. But above all, they speak to the standard that BMW has established in the automobile industry—a standard of style. When you think about an SUV that offers luxury and the highest level of performance, all wrapped in a stylish package, BMW definitely comes to mind.

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