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When it comes to aspirational vehicles (those that obtain elite status within our cultural mindset), BMW sits confidently among the top choices. Offering superior Bavarian technology, the innovative inclusion of technology, and visionary styling, it becomes easy to appreciate the global fascination with the iconic automaker.

As ‘The Ultimate Driving Machine,’ BMW has served up countless models that reach aspirational status. That said, not every automaker’s offerings are an ideal fit for every buyer’s finances. With this in mind, BMW leasing becomes an appealing alternative for many seeking a BMW for Sale (especially if a BMW seems outside of their budget).


Why Lease?

Ask most people, and they’ll agree that buying a car makes the most sense. After all, if you’re able to pay off the auto loan in full and drive the car ‘payment-free’ for a few years, you’re increasing the return on your initial investment.

But what if ‘driving a vehicle into the ground’ isn’t your priority? For those interested in a BMW, there is likely to be far more interest in the experience of enjoying superior performance, reliability, and comfort that BMW has to offer. For those customers, leasing provides an ideal alternative.

Consider first, the luxury of driving a brand new BMW. Then consider the added luxury of enjoying a brand new BMW every few years. Based on the terms of the agreement, this is the foundation of a lease’s appeal, making it a favorable option for enthusiasts and commercial fleets alike.

Leasing can also make an upscale vehicle surprisingly affordable. First, lease programs normally require low down-payments (if any) from eligible buyers. Added fiscal incentives include less sales tax, and lower monthly payments, as well as lower repair costs. The latter is the result of most lease vehicles being covered under the automaker’s original warranty.

While some may criticize the decision to lease based on (i) mileage limitations (ii) wear-and-tear charges and (iii) the burden of continuous payments, the decision to lease vs. buy is most easily informed by your priorities. While drivers with lengthy commutes or an affinity for travel may prefer to buy, many people have more modest mileage requirements. And while drivers with active lifestyles, or families with younger children might be more at risk to wear-and-tear, many drivers don’t have such concerns to weather. Finally, there are many drivers who look forward to the brief respite offered when a vehicle is paid off; but there are many customers who are able to justify monthly payments against the benefits of driving vehicles within the peak years of its life.

Such considerations are individual in nature, but the benefits of leasing a vehicle become even more enticing when it comes to the likes of a BMW.


Leasing a BMW

Getting behind the wheel of the Ultimate Driving Machine is one thing. Getting behind the wheel of the latest and greatest offering every 2-4 years is an entirely different proposition. Considering the prestige-nature of BMW ownership, one might not expect much in the way of flexibility when it comes to leasing and buying options. That said, one might be surprised.

BMW Financial Services pride themselves on tailoring lease agreements to fit the unique demands of each prospective buyer’s lifestyle and budget. This personalized approach allows for customization of everything from term lengths to mileage needs.

Simply by visiting bmwusa.com, you can explore the lease options currently available in your geographic area. Qualified buyers might be surprised by the overall affordability of accessible monthly payments and low APR offers, on every BMW series of the new model year. This even includes the elite M Series and the uber-innovative BMWi lineup.

BMW also offers a number of specialized requirements, configured to answer the needs of certain groups. Are your looking to include BMW in the building of your corporate fleet? BMW’s Corporate Fleet Program offers a number of incentives that are worth considering. Such features as (i) No-cost maintenance (ii) Roadside Assistance (iii) BMW Assist Safety Program, and (iv) Complimentary Vehicle Use during Service make BMW more than just a powerful statement of status.

And of course, BMW offers special leasing options to honor the brave men and women of our United States Military, through their Military Salute Program. Whether stateside or stationed overseas with a return planned in the next six months, there are leasing options available to all qualified service men and women.

BMW even takes into consideration the aspirational nature of today’s recent college graduates, with their College Graduate Program. Eligible buyers immediately earn up to $1,000 off the price of a BMW purchased through BMW Financial Services. Eligibility requirements include, but are not limited to (i) graduation within the last 24 months, or pending graduation within 6 months with verifiable offer of employment (ii) minimum 6 months of positive credit history (iii) debt-to-income ratio of 20% or less.

BMW even offers programs that respect the individual needs of prospective buyers with challenged mobility. Offering reimbursement for up to $2,500 against any modifications or reconfiguration the Ultimate Driving Machine has never felt quite so undeniably accessible.


Is a BMW Lease Right for You?

BMW’s longstanding nature has secured its reputation as a truly aspirational vehicle. This speaks to the quality of its engineering and design, making it an offering that other automakers can only aspire to emulate in terms of both success and standing.

But this commitment to excellence isn’t meant to be divisive or exclusive. BMW takes great pride in offering a variety of flexible buying and leasing options designed to make their vehicles more widely-accessible to their valued customers.

Just as it’s up to you to decide if a BMW is right for you, it’s also up to you to decide if leasing that BMW is the right fit. It comes down to priorities; and if a lower monthly payment and a shorter commitment is something you’re interested in, then a BMW lease might be deserving of your consideration.

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