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Many people would jump on the opportunity to get an exclusive look at the 2017 BMW 5-series. Add in a luxurious weekend filled with cocktails and private flights, and you’re actually looking at a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

BMW of Cincinnati recently provided 30 of their customers the chance to partake in this unique experience. On Saturday, May 20th, these individuals visited the dealership’s welcoming premises to get a first-hand look at the brand-new 2017 BMW 5-series. The staff briefly demonstrated everything that these vehicles can provide (which we’ll get to in a moment), which is noteworthy in and of itself. However, the next step of the experience arguably rivaled the chance to see the BMW 5-series in action.

Following the demonstration, BMW of Cincinnati flew their 30 customers on a private jet to Chicago, where they stayed at the luxurious five-start Intercontinental Hotel on the renowned Magnificent Mile. Once they arrived, the dealership provided everyone with a luxurious cocktail party, and they managed to get everybody back in Cincinnati by the next day.

“This is the largest event we ever held,” said BMW of Cincinnati General Manager Robert Sabbagh. “It is quite a break from the monotonous launch event usually held at dealerships…you know…the old ‘catering, invite customers, reveal car.””

In the span of 24 hours, these 30 individuals didn’t only get to check out the new BMW 5-series, but they also got a free trip to Chicago. These opportunities rarely present themselves, although it isn’t particularly surprising that it’s BMW of Cincinnati that’s providing customers with this opportunity. After all, the dealership is one of the most customer-friendly car-sellers in the Cincinnati, Ohio area.

“We are customers for life,” said Sibu Janardhanan. “This is the best event I have ever been a part of.”

Their array of services means customers will be relying on the business before and after they’ve completed their purchase. For example, the finance department is in place to help drivers recognize their car-buying dream. It can be particularly difficult for some customers to fit a BMW into their budget, but BMW of Cincinnati is focused on making sure that each buyer can realistically afford the vehicle.

Furthermore, while BMWs are generally known for their reliability, the dealership’s service department is in place to help handle any issues that you may come across. The expert technicians know the ins-and-outs of these particular vehicles, so you can rely on them to fix up any mechanical problem or handle any basic maintenance.

Of course, it’s also important to recognize the convenience that BMW of Cincinnati provides to their customers. The sales department is open on Monday through Friday starting at 9am, meaning you won’t have to finagle your schedule in order to visit the BMW dealership in Cincinnati. The service department is open even earlier, as customers can visit the technicians at 7:30am on Monday through Friday (8:00am on Saturday).

For those who live in the Cincinnati, Ohio area, this information shouldn’t be much of a revelation. The dealership is constantly holding similar events, and they’ve become a respected member of the community. For instance, the dealership recently sponsored the Ault Park Concours D’Elegance, where they displayed the incredible X5M, M3, 428 xi Gran Coupe, M760xi, and 540xi. BMW of Cincinnati also gave away free shirts and tote bags, and they even held a raffle for a sought-after BMW bike.

Following their launch event in May, BMW of Cincinnati is now housing the brand-new 5-series. Consumers generally expect performance and luxury from BMW’s assortment of vehicles, but these attributes are being elevated to new levels in this new series of vehicles.

The 5-series vehicles have been designed to deliver an ideal driving experience. The use of lightweight, high-strength steel, aluminum, and magnesium directly influences performance. For instance, the incredible 540i xDrive Sedan is capable of delivering a 0-to-60 time of 4.7 seconds. The accompanying driver-assist technologies, including an Active Lane Keeping Assistant system that utilizes camera sensors around the vehicle, won’t only supplement the incredible specs, but will also help maximum safety.

Of course, the interior is also adorned in a number of high-class materials. The cabin is as luxurious as it is sporty, which only helps confirm the versatility of these specific vehicles. A touchscreen infotainment system influences convenience and entertainment, as occupants can rely on the unit for navigation or radio. Furthermore, when it comes to innovation, drivers simply have to wave their hand in order to access any of these incredible applications.

In other words, the 2017 5-series is a “must-pursue” for those who have been eyeing the brand’s vehicles. In that case, these prospective buyers should be visiting BMW of Cincinnati as soon as possible. Who knows, if you end up making the purchase, maybe you’ll have the chance to capitalize on one of the dealership’s unique opportunities.

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