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For many years, my recurring daydream went something like this: I’m cruising down the Florida coast, white sandy beach with crisp blue ocean waves crashing just outside my car window, except I have no car windows because of course in this fantasy I’ve got my convertible’s top down, and my sexy little two seater’s purring along at a cool 70 mph. My perfectly long and shiny hair whips behind me with nary a tangle to be seen, and my oversize sunglasses lend movie star glam to this entire image. Of course, the car is immaculate, it’s leather interior never to be smeared with tiny greasy Goldfish-grubbing fingers, and my handsome co-pilot is singing along to Marvin Gaye’s Let’s Get It On in a deep baritone.

Driving past the local BMW dealership, I realized my dream has collided with reality. In real life, my trusty copilot sits behind me, strapped into his car seat while squeaking out the words to The Itsy Bitsy Spider for the one-millionth time while simultaneously shoving handfuls of Goldfish into his mouth, sending orange crumbs tumbling deep into the depths of the seat crevices. The beautiful beach of my daydream is actually I-75, and the rolling blue waves are actually other cars passing us as I stay steadily in the right-hand lane, sacrificing speed for the perceived safety of the slow lane. Let’s not even discuss my hair, which is piled into what I tell myself a stylish top-knot, but is really just a means to a tangled end.

So, a dream deferred? Not entirely. After perusing the inventory at my local BMW dealership, these days the car that overtakes my imagination may not have a convertible roof, but it does offer plenty of features to keep a woman feeling sexy – it just does it with a five-star safety rating from the NHTSA. Let me introduce you to the BMW X5 – my ultimate mom dream car.

Room to Grow (or Grocery Shop)

Part of BMW’s line of SUV’s (or as they cleverly call them -SAVs- Sports Activity Vehicles), the X5 is basically a beast. It’s the largest in the X family and it offers plenty of seating and cargo room. In fact, the X5 has third row optional seating, so if you really want to be the ultimate team mom, you can haul up to five kids in the back (bonus: the third row is a little snug, so you won’t be on carpool duty forever – it’s best for tiny, nimble kids, not for lanky teens). If you’re more concerned with packing in things rather than people, you’ll be thrilled with the cargo space. When the backseats are taken, you’ll have 35.8 cubic feet of space to fill, and for those times when you really need to stock up, the rear seats can be split into a 40/20/40 configuration, leaving you with over 76 cubic feet of cargo room – more than enough for a big trip to Costco! No matter how you roll, you’ll enjoy that fact that little hands and little feet will have more than enough of their own room to sit back and enjoy the ride.

Treat Yourself!

Space aside, the BMW is packed with little luxuries for both kids and parents alike. Some features are optional, but let’s be real – you deserve a treat now and then! In my dream car, I’ve loaded it up with Bang & Olufsen speakers (16 of them to be precise) because even The Wheels On The Bus sounds better in Surround Sound, and I’ve made long-distance drives tolerable by popping in a DVD and letting my kids enjoy Frozen for the hundredth time on two 10.2” LCD screens. The X5 comes standard with leatherette upholstery which wipes clean, and the 14-way adjustable seats means I can recline and read (or snooze) while waiting in the pick-up line. Also, heated seats make the Ohio winters just slightly more bearable – it’s almost like spending the winter in Florida – just kidding! My front-seat passenger can keep me up-to-date on all the most important hard-hitting news (read: inane Facebook updates) by connecting to my X5’s WiFi, since my fancy car is actually a wireless hotspot. Additionally, with the X5’s charging pocket, I never have to worry about finding myself on 1% battery again – which leads me to the real reason the X5 is a parent’s dream car: safety.

Safety – No Joking Matter

As much as I joke about wanting all the fancy bells and whistles, when it really comes down to it, we all know nothing trumps safety when it comes to our families. As I previously mentioned, the BMW X5 was awarded a five-star safety rating from the NHTSA and has been rated superior and good (the top safety rating) by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. It comes standard with eight airbags, parking sensors and BMW Assist, which provides roadside and stolen-vehicle recovery assistance. Additionally, you can choose to upgrade to the Driver Assistant or Drivers Assistant Plus package to really elevate your safety options. The optional Dynamic Handling and Lighting Packages go one step further in letting you customize your X5 to suit your particular needs.

One thing that absolutely never would have crossed my mind as I fantasized about my little convertible is installing car seats. The BMW X5 can fit two car seats and has LATCH anchors for easy installation. If you can, try to test your car seat in your X5 before purchasing it – some people have found that the deep-set anchors can make installation tricky. And as always and with any car, be sure to have a car seat technician double check your installation.

Drive Your Dream

So, it may not have a retractable roof (although, did I mention the X5 does come standard with a panoramic moonroof?), but the BMW X5 has become the dream car that actually fits my reality. From outstanding safety features to adult and kid-friendly amenities, the X5 is the car I’m setting my sights on.

If you’re interested in learning more about the X5 (or taking it out for a test drive on the open road), visit BMW Cincinnati North and let their helpful sales team help get you into what is sure to be your new dream car, too!

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