Evan Riley/ October 26, 2016/ BMW Dealer

BMW has solved a problem that many of us face when purchasing a new car. What should I buy? We all face this dilemma. Some people look for a comfortable, fuel friendly commuter to get from home, to work and back home again. Others need a vehicle to transport children to school, sports events, and other activities. And then there’s the enthusiasts, who are looking for a fun and rewarding driving experience. But what about all three? Is there a vehicle on the market today that is comfortable, sips fuel, can transport your kids and actually puts a smile on your face when you’re behind the wheel?

The Answer: Yes, the BMW 3 Series!

How is this possible? How can one car be the answer? Well, let me tell you. The BMW 3 Series is sort of like the Swiss Army Knife of cars. No, you won’t find a tooth pick in the door jamb or a blade coming out of the wheel 007 style, but what you will find is three different body styles (Sedan, Sports Wagon or Grand Touring), six different engines ranging from 180HP to 425HP, three transmission options (including one with three pedals) and the choice of rear wheel drive or AWD (on the sedan only). There’s a 3 Series for just about everyone.

After some time behind the wheel of the latest 328xDrive Sedan, that would certainly be my choice. It’s larger than the E36 M3 that currently resides in my garage and is just as quick. The 328 is quieter, more comfortable and more economical than my now classic M3, yet it put a smile on my face every time I turned the steering wheel or pushed down the pedal under my right foot. The boost from the 2.0 liter turbocharged 4cyl engine came on quickly and effortlessly. I experienced fuel economy better than the EPA’s rating of 33 MPG HWY (the diesel is capable of up to 45 MPG). And as for utility, I was able to fit two large car seats behind me with room to spare. The trunk swallowed groceries for four with ease and all the accessories needed for a day trip with two infants.

Which 3-Series would you choose? The fun, yet economical diesel or perhaps the ultra high-performance M3. Share your selection in the comments section.

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