Evan Riley/ August 24, 2015/ Cincinnati BMW Dealer

At BMW of Cincinnati North, formerly known as BMW of Cincinnati North, our Cincinnati North BMW dealer, we are thrilled that Apple explored a collaboration with our favorite brand, BMW, and has taken a serious look at the i3 as a design. Apple was interested in the body of the BMW i3 electric vehicle as Apple seems to be pursuing an electric car as these rumors have been circulating for months. Well, we have little reason not to believe them! This appears to be the first time that BMW has come up as a possible template for an Apple car design.  

BMW + Apple

BMW and Apple have been cooperating for quite some time. Our favorite brand was the first to add iPod recognition in its cars more than 10 years ago. Just think about it; that’s a long time.

“The BMW i3 battery-electric car is not only highly advanced technologically — with its carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic body shell — but the most energy efficient vehicle sold in the U.S. today,” Green Car Reports said.

The first negotiations were “in late autumn” of 2014 but were “broken off,” according to a German media report as two other companies agreed to keep negotiating. The Apple CEO, Tim Cook, and another senior Apple executive visited the i3 production facilities in Leipzig.

“BMW has regular talks with many companies in the telecommunications and IT industry, including Apple, on vehicle connectivity topics: the BMW Connected Drive. Vehicle development and production are not the subject of these talks,” a BMW spokesperson stated.

Still, Apple has not commented publicly on future plans to make a car. So, we’re sure that the future will hold the answer. Right? Cincinnati BMW i3 fans will find out!

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