Evan Riley/ August 17, 2015/ Cincinnati BMW Dealer

At BMW of Cincinnati North, our Cincinnati BMW dealer, we are extremely excited to announce that our brand, BMW, is the first auto manufacturer to bring the EnLighten App, created by Connected Signals, into the car for the driver’s convenience. Drivers of BMW vehicles with iOS Devices will have the opportunity to see traffic signal data on the vehicle’s display in real time. The EnLighten app makes driving in cities easier by helping the driver anticipate traffic signal changes, which can increase safety and help save fuel by avoiding unnecessary acceleration.

Bmw Drivers Relive the EnLightenment

The EnLighten app shows the current status of the traffic light in front of the car in real time as well as a countdown to when the signal will change. Based on the current vehicle position, as well as its speed, the EnLighten app offers a recommendation about whether or not to stop for the traffic light or to proceed through. An audio alert notifies the driver about a pending change in the signal they are approaching.

At intersections where there are dedicated traffic signals for turns, the activation of the vehicle’s turn indicator tells the app of the driver’s intention to turn so that only the status of the relevant signal is displayed.

In order for the app to work, it requires a city to have an integrated network of smart traffic signals. Supported cities are Portland and Eugene in Oregon and Salt Lake City in Utah. These cities offer over 2,000 traffic lights. Don’t worry Cincinnati BMW drivers, more cities will soon follow.

The EnLighten app integration will work in any BMW that is equipped with the BMW Apps option with app running on a connected Apple iPhone.

Download it and see the difference! Interested in this app, but don’t pilot a BMW? Visit us at our BMW dealer in Cincinnati to get behind the wheel of your new BMW! For more information, contact us at (888) 701-5651.

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